flying insect fliegendes Insekt Eintagsfliege polluted environment painting

Biodiversity: diversity of species, diversity of habitats, genetic diversity. Every species and every habitat is part of the whole that is constantly changing.

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flying insect fliegendes Insekt search Suche altered environment painting


flying insect fliegendes Insekt search Suche polluted environment painting


insects flying Insekten fliegen environment


flying insect grasshopper fliegendes Insekt Heuschrecke aufgescheucht Feuer fire threatened environment painting


flying insect beetle fliegendes Insekt Käfer altered environment painting


flying insect fliegendes Insekt altered and polluted environment in modern agriculture painting


flying insect bumble bee fliegendes Insekten Hummel artificial environment painting


flying insects fliegende Insekten aufgescheucht environment painting


flying insect beetle fliegendes Insekt Käfer artificial environment painting


The paintings try to explore what the strong changes of habitats caused by humans mean for other living beings and their development. There is an atmosphere of departure, differently depictesd by different species. It shows that the dynamic development of biodiversity involves many aspects that we cannot predict or control. We are asked to perceive and acknowledge the difference of our fellow residents and to give them space appropriate to their nature.

What is the role of the species in the further development of biodiversity? Are they only passively exposed to the changes? In the paintings insects are depicted as actors, whereby strong colors and dynamic movements, away from the viewer, underline the power of the processes. Different insect species move in an individually perceived environment that offers them different perspectives. We recognize the environment only partially because another specific perception is included.

Format: ca. 70 x 100 cm, gouache on cardboard. The colours and their brilliance as presented here may differ from the originals.

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